About the IPI

The Intellectual Property Institute, Inc. (the IPI) is composed of a small group of Fellows of the Litigation Counsel of America, the trial lawyer honorary society, who practice intellectual property litigation in firms across North America.

The mission of the IPI is to:

1.) Create a limited, nationwide network of skilled and experienced intellectual property attorneys who will engage
in peer-to-peer professional development enhancing each other’s skills in the trial of intellectual property cases;

2.) Serve as an established network and referral source for its members; and

3.) Promote collegiality and professional cooperation.

The IPI’s inaugural meeting in May 2014 at Terranea and the neighboring conference facility at Trump furthered this mission. Through cocktail receptions and a closing, celebratory dinner, twenty-one members and three sponsors began to develop relationships that will add to their networks and facilitate referrals. The IPI also engaged in peer-to-peer professional development presenting at the conference three programs focusing on the trial of intellectual property litigation. One of the programs was an informal conversation with two federal judges. Further, during the meeting, the members and sponsors, assisted by a nationally-known law firm consultant, shared insights about business development, marketing and law firm economics. For more information about this program, click here.

The IPI will advance its mission in a variety of ways going forward. This fall the IPI will kick off practice specific conference calls in copyright, trademark and patent where members may periodically share the latest case and industry developments. On January 22 and 23, 2015, the IPI will host a program at Ocean Reef in Key Largo Florida. There members will educate each other about various aspects of the trial of IPI cases and continue the relationship-building process. For more details about that program please click here.

If you are a LCA fellow who practices IP litigation we hope you will join us. We welcome your energy, ideas, suggestions and participation.

For more information, please reach out to any of the members listed on the member directory or contact the following: